Castle Cast

Castle Cast Episode 10 “Practically Perfect Planning”

June 24, 2019

Welcome to episode 10 of Castle Cast, “Practically Perfect Planning!” We are so excited to share the 10th episode of our podcast with you all where we talk ALL about planning a successful quick trip to Disneyland park in California! We also bring you the latest news around the world of Disney and at the tail end of the show we give you our spoiler free and spoiler filled reviews of Toy Story 4 which just hit theaters this past weekend. Don’t worry, we give ample warnings before the spoilers start in case you haven’t seen the film yet but make sure you come back to share in the conversation with us and let us know how your thoughts compared to ours! So sit back, relax and buckle up for the longest episode of Castle Cast yet & get inspired to plan your most efficient and fun filled quick trip to Disneyland with us!


Castle Chronicles:



Disney Shop Drop:


Quick Trip Planning - Duffel Bag Example:


Toy Story 4 Review Bo Peep (POTENTIAL SPOILERS:)

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