Castle Cast

Castle Cast Episode 4 “Be Prepared”

March 17, 2019

Welcome to episode 4 of Castle Cast: "Be Prepared!" In this episode we talk about the steps that we took to plan our trip to Disney World and prepare ourselves for getting the most out of our first EVER trip to the Florida parks! Bear with us, this is a lengthy episode but we just couldn't contain our excitement and interest in this new park experience! Not to mention we got to chat with some new friends over at Detour to Neverland! DtN's hosts, Brendan and Katherine sat down to give us their must dos and must EATS for each WDW park. We are so happy to share this week's episode with you all and we hope you enjoy! Thank you for listening and please consider subscribing, rating and reviewing the show if you've enjoyed! 

Detour to Neverland:

Castle Chronicle: 

Aladdin Trailer #3:

Avengers Endgame Final Trailer:

Captain Marvel Release and Box Office Numbers: 

Captain Marvel Meet 'n Greet in California Adventure:

Disney Shop Drop: 

Lion King Spirit Jersey:

Pixar Luxo Ball Plush (NOTE - we were mistaken, this plush is currently on sale at Disney WORLD but is expected to hit Disney's California Adventure at a later date):


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