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Castle Cast Episode 8 “Finding Fantasyland”

May 26, 2019

Welcome to Castle Cast's episode 8 "Finding Fantasyland!" In this episode Anna and Rachel bring you the latest from the world of Disney including new exciting details about Disneyland's new land: Galaxy's Edge. A look at information from the Disney movies coming out including our official review of the new live action: Aladdin - stay tuned to the end of the episode for our thoughts and BE WARNED: spoilers lie ahead as of 55:24 in this show! So if you haven't seen Aladdin yet listen up until 55:24 to get a spoiler free take but beyond that, you've been warned because we wanted to talk all about this one! 

For our main segment we took a deeper look at a particular land of of our favorite theme park: Fantasyland! It holds the essence of Disneyland and we were so excited to take an in-depth journey into the past, present and our ideal futures for this land!

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