Castle Cast

Castle Cast Episode36 “Reflecting on Mulan”

September 7, 2020

Welcome BACK to Castle Cast! After a hiatus while we moved to a new castle, we are BACK and excited to share in Disney magic with you all once again! For our return we are talking all about the newest edition to the live action Disney films, MULAN! The movie was just released for premiere viewing on Disney+ and we are talking all about our spoiler free and spoiler filled reviews! We also talk about the history, present and our ideal future of Mulan's presence in the U.S Disney parks! So kick back, and join our discussion this week about Mulan! 


We sincerely appreciate everyone who has supported the show this far and continues to tune it! We apologize for our absence but we are so excited to be back and make some big plans for the future of this show! 


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